May 2020 – This box is now closed

About Esian Mall

This subscription box is a one-of-a-kind place for all your favorite products from Asia: “Snacks, Skin Care, Makeup, and Cosmetics products” without the hassle of waiting for overseas shipping. We also have our own Asian Snacks & Korean-Beauty Monthly Subscription Box – EsianBox. Our Asian SnackBox satisfies your senses of adventure and your mouth-watering taste buds! Our Korean-Beauty Box bring the latest hit products to your door and discover what your skin has been missing! For each box, we aim to bring you just what your heart desires.

Esian Mall Review

My Esian Mall review: I'm not sure why but it is always fun to get a box in a box and in this case, 2 boxes in a box!  The black box is beauty and the yellow box is snacks.  I dove into the black box first!  The 1st thing I see is the ashy Moisture Bomb Hand Cream which is so cute.  Then I got the Botanic Farm eyebrow pencil in brown which is perfect!  I can't wait to try it.  Then I received Make-up cleansing tissues, tiny panda bear picks for my kiddos snacks, Piggy Mom Soak Soak Nose packs and a Kiwi face mask.  I received 6 items totaling $45+ in value but only paid $25.  There is only 1 size of the beauty box.  Next I opened the yellow box with snacks inside!  I received the Peko Crunch Milk Candy, then Cripsy Olive Oil Seaweed (Roasted Laver with Olive Oil), the Bourbon Petit Cookies, Hi Chew Banana Chews and Panda Chocolate Cookies.  This is the Mini Esian Snack box, there are 3 sizes to choose from on the snack boxes.  It didn't take 5 seconds for my hubby to dive into the Banana Chews and he described them as “interesting & chewy with good flavor, kinda weird, with a sponge like texture”, he ate them all 🙂  I'm going to test out these products and I will update the review soon.

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