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This post does contain referral links but is not sponsored by Trendsend by Evereve. These are all my own thoughts, ideas, and comparisons. Thanks for reading about this Trendsend by Evereve Review.

About Trendsend by Evereve

Handpicked by stylists, true to you. Delivering what to wear. Share you style with #everevestyle and find more outfit inspiration at EVEREVE.

  • Cost: $20 styling fee that goes towards your purchase, the average price per item is $70
  • Frequency: Monthly, Bi-Monthly Quarterly
  • Coupon Code: $1 styling fee on your 1st box & 10% off if you keep 4 or more items

My Trendsend by Evereve Review

Nov 2015 – So I tried another new one – Evereve Trendsend – Clothing Subscription, today and well, it was different.  This subscription works differently than Trunk Club and Stitch Fix.  I received 2 – 3 complete outfits in my box.  And I received a box when I requested one by clicking the “Send me a Trendsend” button on their website.  You fill out a style profile like all the others and you wait about 2 weeks to receive it, like all the others. Here are the 2 complete outfits I received:

Evereve Trendsend - Clothing Subscription
Trendsend by Evereve Review
Evereve Trendsend - Clothing Subscription

So total I received 8 pieces total and liked 2 of them.  The overall style just wasn't a match for me back in 2015.  I thought about keeping 1 of the jeans and the fur vest but I have honestly been receiving so many wonderful pieces from Stitch Fix that I decided to save my money for them.  Here are the outfits I would have made if I would have kept the pieces. I definitely need to loop back at some point and give this one a try again.

xoxo Samantha

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