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Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Review

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Review

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About Everlywell

Food Sensitivity test – This at-home test measures your body’s immune response to 96 foods to help guide you on what types of food may be the best to choose for an elimination diet.

  • Everlywell Cost: $159 for the food sensitivity test we are doing. For the Subscription – Control Proactive Health for $24.99.
  • Everlywell Ships To: U.S. only
  • Frequency of Everlywell: As you need or you can sign up for the monthly subscription
  • Everlywell Coupon Code: Use the Button below for the latest offer, Right now tests are 30% off
  • How Everlywell Works:
    • 1. Register your Box – Once your test kit arrives, you register it at using the unique ID number included in your box.
    • 2. Collect your sample – You collect your sample in the comfort of your home and mail it to a certified lab with prepaid shipping.
    • 3. Receive results in days – Within days you'll receive physician-reviewed digital results and useful insights on our secure platform.

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My Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Review & Experience

The Everlywell Food Sensitivity test was very easy to do and the results came so fast. Even though I freaked out a bit during the pricking of the finger, Jonathan made me overcome it and we got it done LOL. I uploaded part of our results below for you to see. They give you a broad overview and then you can click to deep dive into each food item and sensitivity results.

Each food will be rated on a Class scale of 0-3: Class 0 (normal reactivity) to Class 3 (high reactivity). A higher IgG reactivity level can mean that there’s a possibility that food can be giving you symptoms – making that food an ideal candidate to include in your list to initially remove in a temporary elimination diet and add-back challenge. This test is not a food allergy test, nor can it determine lactose intolerance or celiac disease.

Everlywell Membership

  • Control Proactive Health (14 test options) $24.99 gives you 1 test per month (normally $49 – $99 each) & get 20% off other tests + access to educational webinars and telehealth consultations.
xoxo Samantha

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Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test Review
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