About ExecSocks

Our monthly sock subscriptions include a selection of distinctive eye-catching socks guaranteed to impress. And with plans starting at just $10 a month, get exclusively designed socks delivered to your doorstep with ease.

Cost: starting at $10

Frequency: Monthly

My ExecSocks Experience

So I am a real split on this one if I am being honest.  I like the design of one of the socks and do not like the design on the 2nd pair.  Both are soft and have a good amount of stretch.  However I do NOT like the washing instructions.  In my opinion, socks are a piece that get thrown into any wash cycle (hot, warm or cold) and then get throw straight into the dryer (air or heat) and done.  See the last photo below to see what I'm talking about.

I haven't washed or worn these yet so more to come.  I'll try my best to follow the instruction but…..I can say that on their website and social media I have seen a few prints I thought were cute so I know they have some cute ones.  They also carry both Men's and Women's socks.  So we will see.  With sock subscriptions being everywhere I hate to say anything negative but I don't know that this is my personal favorite.  However more to come once I have interacted with the socks more.  ExecSocks Review

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