About FabKids

Every month we bring you fresh collections inspired by the latest kid's trends. Our clothing is crazy comfortable, great fitting, and just right for your kid's age. Every outfit is designed to make sure you get the value you so richly deserve. This is for moms dragging their kids through clothing aisles. For moms racing to keep up with school fashion. Also, for moms forever hearing, “it doesn't fit anymore!”. For you, we created FabKids.

Cost: you can just shop online or you can join VIP which is $29.95 a month

Frequency:  Monthly but you can Skip

My FabKids Experience

I found FabKids through a reader of mine.  She requested a review and feedback on Fabletic's kid's subscription box, so I dove in.  I created an account online, which was easy. Added TONS OF CUTE CLOTHES to my cart quickly, and that was easy.  What wasn't easy was joining VIP, and I still haven't figured out what the $29.95 a month does or gets me, LOL, so I just quit.

FabKids Review

I received the e-mail you can see above on the 1st of the month as expected, and when I clicked the link, it just took me to the store.  I added those same items I loved back into the cart again.  So from what I can tell, the $29.95 gets you 1 outfit a month, so a top + a bottom, a swimsuit + sunglasses, etc.  I liked several things, so I got my 1 outfit + a few more items because my oldest desperately needs clothes.  See my receipt below:

FabKids Receipt

Every month you:

  1. Select your 1 outfit + any add ons and you are done
  2. Or you Skip
  3. If you do nothing, your card is charged and you have a credit to shop with.

FabKids Review

I know that VIP, aka them charging you every month like a subscription, earns you discounted pricing whereas if you get on and shop, the prices are higher.  I know it also makes sure you are checking back on things because they e-mail you to shop your picks on the 1st of every month what I don't know if I would call this a Subscription but rather an online store with perks.

We received 2 of our 6 items ordered.  And 1 of those 2 items was wrong.  They were supposed to send flip-flops, and they sent sunglasses.  The swimsuit was WAYYYYYY CUTE, and we both love it, but the fit is terrible, which made my daughter so sad.  See photos.  As of right now, we are waiting for the other 4 items to show up.  I already know we have to make a return so I will tell you about that soon.

All in all, I am going to hang with this.  I want to learn and know more.  Their styles are cute, and I want to love their adorable shop so that we will see. Stay Tune… More to come!

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