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Family Stitch Fix Unboxing – Join Us

Allow me to Introduce You to my Family's Cost Free Personal Stylist:

What is Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is an online styling service that delivers a truly personalized shopping experience, just for you. Fill out your Style Profile and a personal stylist will hand pick pieces to fit your tastes, needs and budget—and mail them directly to your door. Each box contains five items of clothing, shoes and accessories for you to try on at home.  Keep what you love, send the rest back in a prepaid USPS envelope. Shipping and returns are free—even for exchanges! No subscription required. Family Stitch Fix Unboxing

Details on the Adult Boxes:

  • Cost: $55 per item average price point
  • Who Can Shop/Sizing: Women’s sizes 0-24W and XS-3X and Men’s sizes XS-XXL
  • Frequency: You Decide!  Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Etc

Details on the Kid's Boxes:

  • Cost: $10–$35 per item & Shipping, returns and exchanges are always FREE + Keep everything & get an additional 25% off
  • Sizing: 2T-14, which typically covers ages 2-12 years old
  • Frequency: You Decide!  Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Etc  No subscription is required. Sign up for automatic deliveries or schedule anytime.
  • Coupon Code: $25 credit ONLY when you sign up directly below (per box, per person, so a family of 4 saves $100 when signing up through us)

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My Stitch Fix Experience

As a mompreneur I am constantly asked, How do you do it all? And honestly…subscription boxes play a HUGE part in my success and ease. Another question I get often is, How I Dress My Family WITHOUT Going Shopping? Cause people know I don't hang at the mall. Well, Subscription Boxes again. Here I am sharing with you all an entire unboxing from StitchFix for my whole family!

The Kids: So I get home and have my 4 boxes sitting at the door waiting on me. I bring them inside and check out the contents. Then while my kiddos watch tv I have them try on the pieces and vote whether they like them or not. Super easy. Super stress free. Cost efficient and a HUGE time saver. MOM WIN!!!!!!!

The Hubby: I pour him a glass of scotch and invite him to the bedroom. 😉 There is quickly close the door and ask him to try on the clothes that are already laying out for him. He tries them on, lets me know what he likes and is completely done in less than 5 minutes. No frustration on either of our parts. No dragging anyone to the mall. Very quick, easy and worry free. WIFE WIN!!!!!!

How I Dress My Family WITHOUT Going Shopping

For Me: Well I just save a TON OF TIME, STRESS AND MONEY so I open my box as a very happy mom. I pull out my goodies, try them on and have my family vote (if they will) on what they like on me. And then I take all the clothes we aren't keeping and I place them in the Return Bags that Stitch Fix provides me which already has postage on it. The next day on my way to drop the kids at school I drop them at the Post Office and I am done. We receive boxes every month right now and especially when we are preparing for Back to School shopping. Family Stitch Fix Unboxing


So what's stopping you from saving time and money? How I Dress My Family WITHOUT Going Shopping is one of my KEY POINTS to mompreneur success. So step out and give it a try. And there is not better time than now, the button ave gives you $25 off per box, so $100 off a family of 4 boxes!

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    Stitch Fix Family - Take your Entire Family Clothes Shopping at Home!  #stitchfix
    Stitch Fix Family – Take your Entire Family Clothes Shopping at Home! #stitchfix

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