What is Festival de Animales?   Where does it take place?  And is it kid friendly?  Do I need to buy tickets in advance?  These are just a few of the questions I have received and I wanted to provide some answers.

Admission: regular San Antonio Zoo admission and you can buy tickets at the gate or in advance.  Zoo members get in with pass.

Parking: free in the zoo's lot

Location: San Antonio Zoo 3903 N. St. Mary's St

What is Festival de Animales

It is a children's focused Fiesta event that takes place at the San Antonio Zoo! My kid's LOVED this event and we arrived late and missed most of the big activities as those take place mid day. The zoo is decorated & it is beautiful!

Kid Friendly: YES! This event is planned for kids!


  • Walk around and enjoy the animals
  • You can purchase the Fun Pack to the Butterfly Exhibit, Feed the Giraffes & Ride the Carousel
  • Ride the Train around the park
  • Special Arts and Crafts booths throughout
  • Food throughout
  • Trade Medals and take photos

Mom Tips:

  • Wear closed toe comfy shoes
  • Arrive early or close to closing time (we went 2 hours before closing) so that you can enjoy it before its too crowded
  • No food or drinks allowed (Exceptions are: bottled water, small snack-sized items, and baby food and formula)
  • Bring hand wipes and antibacterial
  • Wagons and Strollers are allowed or you can Rent One there

My Tips to Festival de Animales:

  • Make the activities last until the end of the day/event. We got there 2 hours before closing & all the Fiesta activities had ended

And my overall is FOR Fiesta's Festival de Animales!!!!  We will definitely go back.

From Festival de Animales:

We’re celebrating the animals, culture, and food of Latin America! Take a tour of South America during this day-time event dedicated to highlighting San Antonio Zoo’s South American conservation efforts. Started in 2016, Fiesta de Animales highlights the Zoo’s conservation efforts in Latin America and educate guests on the animals native to Latin American that call the San Antonio Zoo home. Amazing up-close animal interactions, culinary delights, entertainment, and authentic merchandise from Latin America are sure to delight while guests immerse themselves in South American culture. A visit to Festival de Animales will help further the zoo’s vision to secure a future for wildlife through loving, engaging with, acting for, and protecting animals and the places they live.

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