So I have received the question: What do I wear to the Fiesta events? over and over. Last year I had a blast dressing full on Fiesta for nearly 2 weeks and I plan on doing it again this year. Everything you see is under $50 except for the red & gold dress. And the far majority of these are only $25 with the tees being under $20!

Outfit 1: the traditional mexican dresses on my girls and a traditional mexican top on me. All very comfy! All very cute! My youngest is wearing a Fiesta Floral Headband, I am wearing Fiesta Earrings and both girls are wearing the Los Otros Fiesta shades. Isn't this all so cute!

Outfit 2: we did a super cute Mommy & Me look. Here we are wearing the official 2019 Fiesta t-shirts and as you can see, they come in a variety of Fiesta colors. They have a shirt for guys too! These can be found at the official Fiesta Store and in the store. And these shirts are all under $20!

And did I mention they have so many cute toys and Fiesta inspired decor throughout the store?! My kids fell in love with these cutest maracas and these mini vihuelas that I thought would be so fun for the parades!

Outfit 3: is all about mom! I snagged THE CUTEST off the shoulder Mexican top and paired it with an adorable Fiesta inspired clutch. Also, they have the clear clutches that are highly encouraged for events like NIOSA and Oyster Bake. Then I grabbed a pair of Shop Treasure Jewels earrings to finish the look. All of this is inside the Official Fiesta Store.

Outfit 4: is set for some of the evening events where mom and dad are having a date night. This dress does tie in the back so it is adjustable! And this bag is SO cute and big and can hold all the things which makes me so happy! And everything you see here is under $50! I'm telling you, they have the best prices!

This is part 1 of a 2 part fashion haul. Part 2 is coming soon (I'm finishing the photos now) but wanted to get this out to you all so you can start shopping. Fiesta is around the corner, shop now to guarantee they don't sell out AND support our amazing city while doing it! If you have any questions, please comment or e-mail me so I can help. Also be looking for me on site at many of the Fiesta events!

Orange Floral Fiesta Outfit Ideas for San Antonio Fiest Fashion Haul - My Outfit Picks - The Pink Envelope #fiesta #fashion

Check out more on Fiesta below. We have recapped several events from 2018 so you know what to attend and how to attend!

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