About Fluffy Layers

Whether it’s my Mommy alone time, or quality time with my two little guys, gathering eggs is the highlight of my day. After a long work day in an office, there’s no fresher breath of air than this time to unwind.

Dreams change as our lives do. With an education in design, I left my career in Manhattan as a fashion sales executive to start a new dream: As a wife to my college sweetheart, an entrepreneur, and mommy to two fun-loving boys. Designing around my new suburban lifestyle came naturally. With that mindset, I created our Egg Collecting Apron® as a pretty and functional way to gather eggs.

I’ve learned there’s lots of “farm fashionistas” like me and I’ve enjoyed watching our products spread to households around the country. I am very proud that I have been able to employ talented fellow moms from our community. I’m also extremely proud of the Fluffy Layer’s product line. From our Egg Aprons, Harvest Aprons, and Kid Aprons, to our new Home and Textile products, they add a touch of farm and garden gorgeous to your life, no matter your lifestyle, because, after all – “There is a farm girl in all of us®”.

My Fluffy Layer Experience

I first found Fluffy Layers on Instagram.  I fell in love with their cute mommy and me aprons, all their chicken bags, water bottles, shirts and more.  Then I found out they have a great website with even more goodies that you can do order!  I went and selected a few items to feed my backyard chicken addiction and you can see them below.  The quality is great!  The water bottle has a strainer so you can add cucumbers, strawberries, etc which I love.  All 3 bags are great quality, I want to make the little one my new travel makeup bag 🙂

I hope to soon check out their aprons which I have heard so much about.  If I can get one of those I will loop back with an update on how these items have held up and show off my new apron.  Out of all the items below I am most excited about my Chicken Love tank, it is so cute!!!!  Thank you Fluffy Layers!!!

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