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About Luxury Scent Box

Matching you with the perfect scent one fragrance at a time.™ Luxury Scent Box Club is a monthly fragrance subscription service for men and women. The Founders are fragrance specialists studying fragrances and having over 15 years of expertise in the world of perfume and cologne. With this expertise in the fragrance industry, the knowledge and passion for scents influenced them to start Luxury Scent Box.

Cost: $15 (and you get 2 bottles)

Frequency: Monthly

Coupon Code: PINKENVELOPE to get 35% off your 1st month

Who is this For? Both Men and Women

My Luxury Scent Box Experience

I am so happy to be back with Luxury Scent Box.  It has been forever since I have hung out with them and thats sad because I LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS!  So Luxury Scent Box is a Fragrance Subscription where you have 2 different travel size perfumes sent to you a month.  It's a great way to try perfumes before committing to buy.  It is also a great way to not commit to 1 scent and to always have something new.  It also is fabulous if you travel or are on-the-go.  I keep mine in my purse and work bag.  When I have extras I place them in my suitcase and diaper bag.  It really is amazing because I never have to worry about smelling 🙂

I can't even begin to tell you the number of times I have had to yank my fragrance out to fix a friend, fix my car and even fix myself.  Heck, I know I have used it on my kids too!  I usually try 2 different opposite scents for variety.  How it works:  You take a short survey to receive fragrance recommendations personally selected for you.  Then you choose your fragrance monthly by adding new scents to your calendar.  You Type A folks like me are going to love this!

xoxo Samantha

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