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Freshly Update – Healthy Microwaveable Lunches

Freshly Update – Healthy Microwaveable Lunches


What is Freshly?

Gourmet ready-made meals. Freshly prepared. Freshly delivered!  Their Mission is to MAKE YOU HAPPY, HEALTHY AND MORE FREE TO PURSUE YOUR PASSIONS.

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My Freshly Experience

Yall, it has been about a year since I dove into Freshly – Healthy Microwaveable Lunches, I was a member for a while and loved it but ended up canceling to check out some other food options.  Well, I am back and they are BETTER THAN EVER!  In fact, my husband asked me earlier today, “When does our next Freshly show up?” which made me smile.

Here is why I love freshly – Healthy Microwaveable Lunches:

  • Every Freshly meal saves you at least an hour that you would've spent shopping, cooking and cleaning. Spend more time doing what you love, with people you love.
  • Their fully prepared, healthy meals are ready in about 2 minutes. Less time than it takes to preheat the oven.
  • Any time of day, any day of the week, have quick access to delicious nourishing meals.
  • Always GLUTEN FREE. It's bad for your gut. Your brain isn't a big fan either. It's even addictive.
  • Always HIGH PROTEIN, LOW CARB. Protein makes you feel fuller, burns fat faster, and boosts energy.
  • Never PROCESSED SUGARS. Processed sugar contains high amounts of fructose that causes you to gain weight.
  • Always ALL NATURAL. Natural food tastes better and keeps chemicals out of the soil and out of your body.

Eat Healthy and Yummy Microwaveable Meals Here, Sign Up & Join Us!

Use the link above (or any link on my site) an get 30% off!!!

The Skinny (literally)

Yall, ditch the Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisines.  If you were a My Fit Foodie before they closed their doors, stress no more, here is the answer!  The food is good, the portions are generous (more than I can eat) and the flavors are unreal, like so so so good.  Just 2 – 3 minutes in the microwave and a delicious but healthy meal is at your fingertips.  Their website is super user friendly and you have a say in what you get. Getcha some Freshly Healthy Microwaveable Lunches.

Check out my very 1st Freshly Unboxing Here.

My Critiques

The only thing I don't like about Freshly is that they don't e-mail you when your meals are on deck.  They only e-mail you once they have shipped.  So I occasionally skip weeks when I know we are out of town, have too much food already, etc but since they don't e-mail you food will just ship and you don't need it = BOO!  The other bad part is since they don't e-mail you when they are prepping meals you might forget (like me) and end up with the same meals over and over.  If they would send a simple – “Your meals are about to me prepped” e-mail you could go in and make adjustments. I use Freshly since I am a busy working mom of two who wants her family to eat healthy and quickly.  I don't “just remember” each week to log in and change things up.  As a consequence we have had the same meals 3 times in a row – Bummer!  Ok, off my soapbox (hoping Freshly reads this).

But really, I highly recommend you subscribe.  I have them shipped to my office! Subscribe Here at 30% off!

Healthy Lunch Options

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