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Our in-house fashion stylists hand-select high-end clothing and accessories that fit your taste and body type, and coordinate them into complete outfits. Whether you wear it all together or mix and match pieces, your personal stylist will be there to guide you through it all with detailed style notes. Try on everything at home on your own time—no pesky sales people, no crowded malls, and no cramped dressing rooms. It's how shopping should've been all along. Front Door Fashion Review

Front Door Fashion Review

Eeeek I am SO EXCITED to share my Front Door Fashion Review!!!  My 2nd Front Door Fashion clothing subscription box has arrived and it is full of GORGEOUS items, I'm literally dying, so great!  I'm going to try to be organized with this post but I can't make promises 🙂

I received 27 items with a total of $2,853.00 so about $105.66 per item.  I received a details Packing Slip inside with product descriptions and pricing as well as Outfit Notes for each look and how to style them plus a Shoe Guide & a Look Book all for $0.  There is no styling fees or shipping fees!  Crazy right!  PLEASE IGNORE MY INSANE HAIR!

Women's Clothing Subscription Box

Outfit 1: The New Neutral contained 5 pieces that easily mix and match between themselves and the other looks listed below.  Only 1 top I didn't care for.

Outfit 2: Sweater Weather contained 8 pieces that I LOVED about 50% of it and Liked 25% of it.  In this set I found the best fitting boyfriend jean I have ever tried but I still didn't like them.  I have noassatall….skinny girl problems.

Outfit 3: My Style My Way contained 5 pieces of which I already owned 1 and the other I just didn't like, the rest I loved!

Outfit 4: Boho Babe contained 5 pieces that I LOVE LOVE LOVED but alas the budget beat me out so I had to return some of it 🙁

Lastly Outfit 5: Fabulous in Fringe contained 4 pieces that I loved and wish I could have kept it all.

With this box I learned the following:  Erika is freaking amazing as a stylist!  I'm not a fan of lace up shirts.  I need a money tree in the back yard SO bad!  If I keep this up I'm also going to need a bigger closet 🙂  Don't only try on the clothes, snap a photo, sleep on it, then go back and look at the photos with a clear mind before just choosing (if you have a budget to watch).  So, what did I keep?  I wanted over 75% of this box but had the budget for like 10% unfortunately.  So, here is what I really wanted to keep: 6 items total which would make my $50 coupon code kick in making all 6 pieces less than $500 and all items I have nothing like in my closet.

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