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About Fruit for Thought

Every  month you will receive a beautifully presented gift with a different fruit (and an occasional vegetable) theme. Included will be 5-7+ items with an assortment of scents, flavors and colors relating to that theme, which may include home accessories, jewelry, luxurious bath and body products, artisan products, stationery, yummy goodies and much more.

Price: starting at $29.17

Frequency: Monthly

My Fruit for Thought Review

Aug 2016: Ok first I had the Spun Light Organic Hand Spun Cotton Candy in Peach.  The packaging is great and the flavor even greater 🙂  SO YUMMY!!!!  Next I pull out the Spa Thérapie bath and body blends in Blueberry Peach Shortcake.  This is a single use pedicure kit…Isn't that so cute!  I also received a cute dishtowel with blueberries on it.  My daughter will love this!  It's made from flour sack and came in the cutest blueberry basket.  Then I pulled out a fused stained glass trinket dish tray in peach, it's perfect to set by your sink to place your jewelry on when you are washing pots and pans or cleaning.  Then my last item is Paradise Bath Boutique Summer Peach Shampoo which I can't wait to check out.  In this box I received 6 items with a retail value of $52.74 for only $29.17.

  • Full Size Box: 5 to 8 items
  • New Fruit Theme each month! They don't send actual fruit!
  • Items include: jewelry and accessories, home decor, stationery items, luxurious bath and body products, yummy snacks and much more
  • Fun and Unique gifts

My Fruit for Thought Review

xoxo Samantha

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