I love Blo oh yes I do!

Oh how I heart Blo in The Woodlands!  Our relationship started in 2013 with a photo booth and a grand opening party.  What I thought was just another day at work turned into an addiction and a relationship.  I am so happy Katie called that day!  So what is Blo?  It is a blow dry bar that washes and blow dries your hair, they also do styles, updos and makeup.  It's such a happy place!!!  Photo below by Houston Commercial Photographer Jonathan Ivy.

The photos below are from their re-grand opening party when they moved over to Hughes Landing (just down the road from where they were).  It was such a fun night!  Photos by Jonathan Ivy Photography  The very last photo is Jonathan Ivy and I with the 2 owners.  They are super fun and personal, you will love them!

So we went to a gala a couple months ago so naturally I had to go to Blo and get my hair done. It had a crazy theme so crazy hair was in order and boy did they deliver!  I LOVED my hair that night, so crazy and so me!!!!  Thank you Jess! (iPhone photos)

So the below photos are my very 1st bathroom selfies ever!  This is my hair by Tatyana for Jonathan's 30th birthday.  Of course I had to get my hair and makeup done for Jon's party 🙂  Yes, I am spoiled! (iPhone photos)

And the hair style at the very top of this post is the same as this one here. I had my hair done on Friday for a photo shoot and then slept very carefully and wore it to an event on Saturday.  Oh yeah, their styles are that good, they last!  (iPhone photos)

I really could keep going and going but that might just drive you crazy!  All this to say, go try a blow dry bar, to find the location nearest you go here – Find Blo Location.  Its relaxing and fun!  Oh and your hair will look good for days!!!

Happy Thursday Friends!

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