About Geek Fuel

Geek Fuel is a monthly mystery box filled with exclusive games, toys, gear, collectibles and all things epic.

Geek Fuel Review

Geek Fuel Review

I was so excited when Geek Fuel monthly geek subscription box reached out to me because I have heard so many awesome things about this box but never subscribed because it didn't really match who I am.  So this was perfect!  The box is well labeled and impressive.  I opened it to find a bunch of items that both my husband and kiddos are going to love!  So when I opened the box on top was the welcome magazine with this month theme: Nostalgic and Super Mario is on the front!!!!  I personally loved this touch!  The 1st item we got an X-MEN Apocalypse t-shirt in a size large which my hubby just loves.  Next a Geek Fuel sticker with their logo on it that my 5 year old thinks is SO AWESOME.  Next is the Blacksea Odyssey sticky star and downloadable steam game.  I have no idea what any of this is or means but what I do know is that my kids love the sticky shooting star inside 🙂  Next is the Mallet of Mischief, an inflatable toy hammer.  It is amazing, I have been going around hitting everyone, so fun!  Then I got what I think is a Harley Quinn poster size coloring book.  Another item I'm sure my kids will take. And lastly another mom favorite – a classic NES game shaped cutting board.  This alone makes the whole box worth it, I'm reliving my childhood every time I pull this out to cook.  Super impressive!  So total I received 6 items for $17.90 a month + $6 shipping.  Only $3.98 per item which there is no way I could find these items that cheap.  They guarantee $50+ in value plus an exclusive t-shirt every time.  Coupon Code: use the link above to subscribe & receive $3 off your 1st box


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