May 2020 – This box is Closed

About Gift Izzy

Gift Izzy is redefining the meaning of gifts in a unique way. Banished are the copies, the fakes, the shoddy designs. Enough of the junk! Coming to your doorstep bi-monthly will be a surprise of meticulously curated works of art and design from talented artisans around the world. By the time you open the luxury gift box, you will gasp in delight as you are transported into that long forgotten world of quality and style. And as you read the story and inspiration behind each beautiful design you will understand why Gift Izzy is so passionate about bringing understated chic and individuality back into your life. Your surprise gift, every other month, will captivate your imagination from the moment you open the box – the luxurious gift wrapping, the hidden treasures, the stories behind each artisan, and the wonderment of it all. Gift Izzy recognizes the necessity of treating yourself to a little surprise. It is well earned but too often we fail to act. Opening the surprise is a moment when you find yourself in a quiet place with only your thoughts around you.

Gift Izzy Review

So I am loving the Summer Sunset Nights box!  The di Potter lights are too cute and creative.  What a fun idea for an outdoor party (watch my IG to see these on my patio soon).  Then who doesn't love popcorn?  The real problem is how to keep my hubby and kids from eating all my Pops Corn before I do.  I like to savor it, enjoy the flavor….they shovel it down so fast I don't like to share with them.  Next is the St Barth's after sun and after shave gel.  This smell so good!  Makes me want to go somewhere exotic!  Then lastly is the Tila Cuff in Clarity.  Y'all this thing is heavy!  It's way cute on though and already loved my celebs like Fergie and Britney Spears.  The value of this cuff alone is $220!  So the value of this box is obviously well over $200 and you get it for only $69.  They ship bi-monthly so only $34.50 a month plus I have this – COUPON CODE – PINK10 for 10% off using the button above to subscribe only!

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