May 25th, 2020 – CLOSED

March 8th – Little Starters announced they are just an online retail store and will no longer offer subscription boxes!

About Little Starters

A casual-cool wardrobe for your little ones. Handpicked and delivered to your door seasonally, monthly – or just once! Try for free!

My Little Starters Experience

I am so excited to share with you all this Girls and Boy Clothing Subscription Box.  I feel like so many of these kid's subscription boxes are only for little girls, BUT this one has boys in mind too.  They have size ranges from 0-3 months up to 4 years old.  The website is very easy to use, the questionnaire was fun, and I easily ordered my box.

The quality of the clothing just from touching them looks great.  Most are 100% cotton which means they will shrink in wash, which is good because I ordered the size 4T and everything looks a little bit larger than normal.  Once I wash and dry I have a feeling everything will fit perfectly.  I will be doing that this week as well as letting my kids wear them for a bit  I will loop back with an update soon.  Overall I am very impressed.  The average price is $12.50 (mine was actually less than this when all said and done), you can pick 1 or 2 things or keep the whole box.  If you keep the whole box you get 20% off.  So for my 7 items the total  was $107.50 but after my 20% off because we kept everything I only paid $86.00.  Awesome huh!

Below is my oldest who is a true size 5, almost a size 6 and my youngest who is in between a 3T and a 4T.  Showing them both in the clothes.

Cost: Varies per item – Free Shipping, Free Returns & No Fees – on average $12.50 an item and comes with 7 items per box.  Monthly, Quarterly or One at a Time

Girls and Boy Clothing Subscription Box

Compared to Other Kid Subscriptions

So I think the quality of the items in this box are better than from KidPik.  KidPik is definitely not curated, the last 2 boxes we have just sent back keeping nothing because we didn't like the items.  KidPik items fall apart quickly and almost every shoe we have received have hurt my kids feet so they can't wear them.  They also only support girls.  So far, I pick Little Starters over KidPik any day.

Sprouting Threads is a kid's clothing subscription that will be back soon that I loved.  When compared to them I think we have like quality in some area and a good price comparison.  Since Sprouting Threads carries luxe brands as well, in some cases they have much better quality but also higher price tags.  I would recommend both companies for kids.

I have not tried KidBox yet so I can't compare those two (yet).

My Critique

So I have only received one critique from Girls and Boy Clothing Subscription Box by Little Starters BUT if I were to do a monthly box I wouldn't want to get so many star patterned items.  If I got 2-4 a month over 1/2 my kids wardrobe would be star based and quick LOL.  Don't get me wrong, I think they are cute but might be too much.  I wonder if the pattern rotates or if the star is their “theme” for the brand?  I will see what I can find out.

**Little Starters Response – To answer your question about our prints.  We are inspired by sunshine-loving Cali vibes and introduce new playful prints every four weeks. This way childrens’ wardrobes will always be fresh and new. Although we do LOVE stars, we change our themes monthly. For example, this month we were inspired to create a collection that embraces nature in full force, including a prickly hand-drawn cacti and beaming sun print. Order a subscription box during the month of June and you’ll receive seven surprise mix-and-match wardrobe staples for your little ones inspired by Hidden Valley.**

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