About American Gluten Free

From American Gluten Free – Ok, so we don't have an awe inspiring story to tell. We are just some American foodies with a love for great food (as well as our fine nation), a need for a gluten-free diet and the desire to help and share with others. We also LOVE small business! These fine tastemakers are what drives America and we think they have the most diverse, creative and passionate food on the planet. To us, there is no better source to get our products from. Our mission is to be able to provide high quality foods from amazing businesses, directly to you, while doing it in the most convenient and affordable way possible. We proudly donate 1% of proceeds from each box sale to The Manna Food Project, a food bank and pantry, servicing Northern Michigan.

Price: starting at $24.95 and there are 4 Options to choose from

  • Snack Box $24.95
  • Pantry + Snack Variety Box $36.95
  • Kid's Club Box $35.00
  • Vegan Snack Box $24.95

Frequency: Monthly

American Gluten Free Review

I am quite impressed with the gluten free subscription box.  All of the items inside are from great brands that I can’t wait to try out with some friends who struggle with gluten allergies. They have 4 different boxes to choose from (see above).  They focus on Gluten Free healthy foods and snacks.  The box will be filled with items for you to try.  Find something you love, head to the store and buy more.  Find something you hate, no loss, now you know to avoid it.  This is the perfect gluten free subscription box as it allows you to learn what you like with 0 work.  I will be back with more details on each of these products soon but in the mean time enjoy this post and sign up to get your box above or below and try along with me!

Check out the boxes below to see an example of each type of box:

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