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What is Golden Tote

Think of Golden Tote as a chance to explore a multitude of sample sales at your leisure. Working with carefully selected fashion brands and designing our own fashion favorites, we curate an eclectic assortment of treasures and package them all up in a custom TOTE bag for one AMAZING price.  Founded by Sarah Becker and Sarah Sweeney, Golden Tote is a fashion e-commerce sample sale site. We curate tote bags with a variety of fashion items from various fashion brands at prices of 70-80% off original retail. We do the shopping, you pick a size… it's that easy.

My Golden Tote Experience

Hey Y'all, it has been over a year since I last checked out Golden Tote so I was very excited when they reached out to me to partner with them for an unboxing.  See part of my 1st unboxing here.  A lot has changed and not much has changed with them 🙂  Let me explain.  Not much has changed in that their customer service is still great, their clothing is still cute, everything still arrives in a tote, and they are consistently growing and getting better with their products and service.  Where many have fallen away, they stay strong.  Where they have changed is their website is way better than it use to be, very pretty and user friendly.  Their clothing quality has improved, I am very impressed with everything they sent and they have improved the Boutique and non-subscription part of their services.

The Deets:

They have the 3 options: the Mini – 2 items at $59, the Surprise – 3 items at $89, and the Golden – 5 items, you choose 2 & they choose 3 at $149.  I did the Golden Tote and choose the Puella Lace Swing Dress in Coral and the Seaside Linen Tank in Mint then they surprised me with 3 other items.  Once you have done this step they give you the option to do some shopping from the boutique and add items into your box that is already shipping.  I didn't add anything in this time.  The selection and check out process was very easy.  Here is what I received for my Golden Tote Review:

Puella Lace Swing Dress in Coral in Small retail $78 I paid $30 with my tote bundle. – Kept

Seaside Linen Tank in Mint in Small retail $48 I paid $30 with my tote bundle – Kept

So my last 3 pieces I can't find the names for and they are not on the website any more (they already sold out) but I wanted to share them with you.

This thin, black cardigan is perfect for Spring, I love it! – Kept

Golden Tote Unboxing

This blue, swing dress with pockets is super comfy.  It is very thin so the right undergarments is important.  It's a great spring and summer dress. – Kept

Golden Tote Review

And lastly this cute feather top.  It's also a thin material and great for Texas! – Kept

Golden Tote Review

And what do I do after my Golden Tote Review photo shoot?  Head to Whole Foods for a drink and a snack of course!

Golden Tote fun
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