This post contains affiliate links however I was not hired or sponsored by anyone to write this. All ideas, words and opinions are my own for Grove Collaborative vs Amazon comparison.

About Grove Collaborative

Grove started as an idea between three friends talking in a spare bedroom in San Francisco: what if it was easy to find healthier home essentials? The belief that what we bring into our homes contributes to that homey, cozy feel prompted them to try to make their idea a reality. Welcome to Grove. They're here to help you create your best version of home with ease and enjoyment. Grove Collaborative vs Amazon

Each Grove order is like a care package for your home. Choose the products you want and we’ll deliver them to your door. Refill orders are entirely in your control. We’ll email you when a refill order is due to ship, so you can make changes if necessary.

Grove Collaborative Details

  • Pricing: Varies Based on Needs – Your first order always ships for free
  • Frequency: You choose! Skipping & Pause Available, Completely Customizable
  • Coupon Code: sign up below & get a 5 Piece Set FREE (watch my 1st unboxing video to see those items)
  • Recommend: Yes & Yes, I am very impressed!

Grove Collaborative vs Amazon – Whose Cheaper? Whose More Fun?

After receiving and loving my 1st box, I was excited about ordering a 2nd one. However, the price conscious side of me just had to see if the fun was worth the price. And gosh I am glad I did. I compared Grove Collaborative vs Amazon and this is what I found.

I purchase the 6 packs of Seventh Generation wipes (70 ct) and 1 Method Hand Soap for $45.83. This would have cost me $38.65 on Amazon BUT I received 4 free items with my Grove order with an Amazon Value of $22.22 (or a Grove value of $26). Grove is cheaper than Amazon by $15.49 and the experience is so much more fun! So this is a no brainer, I ordered the Grove very happily and absolutely LOVE ALL the FREE items I received. If you are Amazon Prime or a Grove Member, shipping is free! Check Grove Collaborative out below:

If you are living and practicing Clean Living then this is a box you must try. Sign up above to get the FREE 5 piece gift! Grove will also send you a reminder e-mail, their communication is amazing. And just see…like me…you might just find your new cleaning BFF in the Grove Collaborative.

Grove Collaborative vs Amazon

Grove Collaborative Review
Free Gift I was Given

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Grove Collaborative Review | A Care Package for Your Home

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