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About Happily

Each month is unique with some dates keeping you at home, while others send you out of the house for a night of fun. Some dates might include dinner and dancing lessons, while others could be a photo contest against other Datebox couples with great prizes. Datebox is a monthly subscription, dedicated to helping couples rediscover date night, because we believe your relationship matters.

Price: $39.99 for the box but options starting as low as $7.99

Frequency: Monthly

Coupon Code: 50% off your 1st DateBox and $20 off other products ONLY when you sign up below or use Code: PINKENVELOPE

Get DateBox by Happily

If you haven't already, you should watch the video above because it really shows, in detail, what comes in a DateBox by Happily. We had a lot of fun on our date! It was our 13th wedding anniversary and we were smack dab in the middle of the COVID quarantine, so it was the perfect timing to try DateBox out again. You can see our 1st unboxing here. They offer DateBox (shown here), DateBox Digital, Courses and Love Notes, so make sure you click above and check out the options on their website. I haven't tried DateBox Digital yet but I want to.

This date box was completely different from our last box and we had SO MUCH FUN! I also have a brand new favorite margarita mix thanks to Happily. We drank, we did a craft and we played a game. It was great. Now, if I am being completely honest, would I spent nearly $40 every month on this? Probably not, but I definitely would love this quarterly or randomly as a surprise here and there. We had alot of fun and given the quarantine and not being able to go anywhere, this box made things so amazing. But, my kids are bigger now and so I enjoy getting out of the house. Now, if my kids were still little and leaving was harder, that would be different and I think this box would be a better match. Just wanted to share this.

PHOTOS COMING SOON! Need more details now? Watch the video above.

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I do think you should snag the 50% off coupon I have here and give it a try. We really did have so much fun doing something we would have never done if left on our own with this Date Box Unboxing. Also make sure to check out our other Happily Date Box Reviews

Ready to go on a date?  Sign up here and let them do the work!

What is the best date night subscription box

The best one I have used is Happily, they have been around for a long time and the quality of their dates are incredible!

What is in a date night box?

Each box is a uniquely crafted experience with everything you need to have a fun and spend some romantic quality time together.

Is DateBox now Happily?

Yes! Happily was formally known as DateBox. Same company with the same products, just with new broader focus and some new services.

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