Happy Father's Day Dad!

I want to start by wishing my dad the most Happiest Father's Day!  My dad has always been a wonderful dad and now he is a wonderful grandfather too.  I am so thankful that he loves animals along with Emma and is always down for a good cuddle with Paige.  He is so loving to each of my girls and often calls my oldest by my name (yes we are that much alike).  He is an example of what an amazing husband, dad and grandfather is for all that encounter him.

Dad, thank you for years of patience (that you are still practicing) with me!  Thank you for support both mentally, physically and financially that you are still giving!  Thank you for the endless vacations and fun adventures we have been on in the last 32 years.  Thank you for teaching me to drive at 12 years old, to lay shingles on a roof, lay piping under a house, catch birds with homemade cages, to water the yard by hand for hours as a time.  Thank you for not wearing cargo shorts as a main staple in your fashion any more and for living a disciplined life with food and exercise so that you will remain healthy.  All that you do doesn't go unnoticed!  I love you!

Happy Father's Day Jonathan/Daddy!

I am so happy to be able to wish my amazing husband a Happy Father's Day!  Father of my 2 girls, my business partner, my encourager and my very best friend.  I couldn't ask for anyone more amazing to be the example to our girls to run the race set before them, to never settle and to go and find the man of their dreams.

You have endured alot in the last 5.5 years of being a dad.  You always have 2 willing helpers at photo shoots.  You are COMPLETELY surrounded by animal that you hate LOVE!  You are the dad making all the kiddos laugh so we can get a good photo.  You keep us all up to date on technology and dessert.

Thank you for always diving into the pool, taking us to countless parades, teaching us FaceSwap and how to wear slap bracelets.  Thank you for carrying us when we are tired and for all of the fun vacations we have been on.  You are the best dad in our whole house 🙂  We love you very much!

Happy Father's Day

~Love Emma & Paige (with help from Mom)

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