About Happy Rebel Box

Happy Rebel is a seasonal subscription box geared for the modern woman with an adventurous, edgy, and polished sense of style. We carefully curate fashion, beauty, and lifestyle pieces, package them artfully, and ship them directly to your door. You will receive items from brands you know and love, as well as up-and-coming designers. Every piece reflects the seasonal theme of the box, along with Happy Rebel’s unique style. Let us select fresh lifestyle pieces that are both sophisticated and bold, refined and unexpected. We also donate 10% of profits to carefully selected non-profit organizations.These organizations focus on helping women in the United States and around the world by providing health and wellness services, access to education, and support for those affected by trafficking, domestic abuse and extreme poverty.

Here is my Happy Rebel Box review! When the white bag you see in the video showed up in the mail, it threw me for a loop.  What was inside???  So I rushed to do the unboxing – Happy Rebel.  So exciting!  This month's box donations are going to help girls being exploited and trafficked which automatically makes me so thankful to be teaming with a company that is giving to something so near and dear to my heart.  So this month's theme is Poolside Summer!  The 1st thing I pull out are 2 silicone wine cups that are perfect for throwing into a beach bag.  Such a great idea!  2nd thing I pull out is a vegan leather beach tote to hold those cute wine cups in 🙂  3rd I pull out a fabulous black and white geometric, circular beach and lounge towel. The towel washed well and is cute, photos of come on IG of us with the guy.  Note – lots of lint up front so wash and dry alone the 1st time.  Then lastly, I received a chic, black, lace beach kimono.  Note – you must wash the kimono before handling and wearing.  The black does transfer at 1st but after washing it becomes very soft and sets the ink.

Total value on this box is over $200 according to Happy Rebel but when I did a quick search I found all of the above items for about $120.  So still, you save $20 by subscribing and my calculations do not cover curation, time, product testing or shipping costs.  So this is still a great deal!  COUPON – Receive $50 off an annual subscription with code THEPINKENVELOPE50 (expires Sunday July 31st, 2016)

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