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About Zija

Health and Nutritional products with 4 different lines of product! Core Moringa Supplements, Ripstix Fitness Suuplements, Ameo Essential Oils and GenM Personal care.

Why people need it? Were all natural!  We use the most nutritional plant in the world in all of our products, the only plant known to purify water! Moringa Oleifera (46 anti-oxidants, 36 anti-inflammatories, omegas 3,6 and 9, 20 amino acids including 9 essential amino acids our bodies don’t produce, over 90 nutrients and health benefits. Everyone should be using the Supermix or XM+ no matter what! -Dean

My Zija Experience

Ok so I received soooo many awesome products in this box that I haven't been able to test them all out yet BUT I will.  So more to come!  What I can say is I am so impressed at the variety of products they offer to really help you get on track for healthy living.

If you are wanting to start towards a new, healthier lifestyle but don't know how go check out their Starter Kits.  Perhaps you are more experienced and know exactly what you need more of in your life for energy, hydration, etc  Then you can just hop on their site and order it.  Perhaps you just want to learn more about Zija as a whole?  Then you can contact Dean and he will help you.  Health and Nutritional Products

Health and Nutritional Products

I can't wait to try out the different energy boosters in particular.  I'm curious if they are chalky or smooth in taste?  Are the flavor natural or fake tasting?  I will dive into all this and loop back with more info.

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Disclaimer – I am not a health expert.  These are just my reviews on products I receive.  I have not tested or verified the nutritional values of all of these items.

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