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About Henny & Roo

Spoil your flock and yourself! Henny+Roo is the first and only subscription box for backyard chicken enthusiasts. Each month, you'll receive hard-to-find first aid and health products, chicken treats, and coop items for your chickens, and useful chicken-themed gifts for you. Makes a great gift for your favorite chicken keeper, even if that's you!

Cost: as low as $19.99, they have 2 options

Frequency: monthly

My Henny & Roo Experience

June 2018: Yall I am so excited to share this Backyard Chicken Subscription Box with you all!!!  So confession…about 2 years ago I reached out to Henny & Roo and asked for a box to review and they denied me at the time.  They were new and watching their budget and I was new and watching my budget and it just fell through.  Fast forward to today and here we are!  Both companies are established and I am so thankful to see this growth and to finally be reviewing a dream box of mine!!!

Henny & Roo Review

In the box I received I got all brand new to me items which is very exciting!  Here are a few of the items I received:  Budpack Triple Antibiotic, an issue of Backyard Poultry magazine, The City Girl Farm chicken bag, Hentastic Chicken Treats, Dried Chubby Mealworms, Garden Maker Coop Companion Fertilizer Blend, an I <3 my chickens sticker and a Shoo Fly Shoo air freshener plus a variety of coupons.  You can see these in photo form below.  I already know that my birds LOVE the Dried Chubby Mealworms and the Hentastic Chicken Treats!  I'm also excited to read the Backyard Poultry Magazine, I didn't even know this magazine existed! Super excited I got the opportunity to write this Henny & Roo Review!

  • chicken supplies
  • chicken-themed gifts
  • chicken treats
  • poultry supplies
  • High quality supplies for backyard chicken keeping.

Update to Review: the chickens LOVED all these treats. And I never, on my own, would have bought the Triple Antibiotic however because of this subscription box I had the product on hand and when my Salmon Faverolles got bumble foot I was able to cut it out and treat it quick and easy all from my house, by myself! Thank you Henny+Roo!!!!!!

xoxo Samantha

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