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Best ways to relax

In this busy day and age, it is quite refreshing to have something that makes you stop and relax. This is why I love Home Made Luxe! It's all the fun without the work. You don't have to comb through Pinterest trying to find projects (and hope they really work) then round up all the supplies. Home Made Luxe will do all that for you! This allows you to focus on what is most important – You & Relaxing! Plus you will be supporting a small business and that is awesome!

How do I Relieve Stress and Anxiety?

The best way I have found to relieve reoccurring stress and anxiety is to KNOW me-time is coming! There is so much hope which can help calm your mind knowing that what is happening in that stressful moment is temporary! I regularly keep relaxing projects and a bottle of wine on hand. These are my rewards. I also get my nails done regularly. I highly recommend setting up a regular routine, regular meaning frequently re-occurring, doesn't have to be every day but at least once or twice a week.

What is Home Made Luxe?

Home Made Luxe is Pinterest to your door! Every month they send you everything you need to make a gorgeous DIY home decor project. Along with your craft supplies each box contains detailed step by step instructions for your project and a link to video instructions as well.

Price: $39.99 – they do offer prepay discounts

Coupon: EPICSALE to get your 1st box for just $9.99

Recommend: so I only tried this box once but I did have alot of fun with it

Craft & DIY Subscription Box

Home Made Luxe is a DIY subscription box where they send you everything you need each month to create a luxe craft from home.  This month I received the Mason Jar Organizer kit.  I have not made mine yet but I can't wait to because it looks so cute.  

xoxo Samantha

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