Make money from home selling Rodan and Fields

by The Pink Envelope | Feb 14, 2016

Here is what we cover

New to Rodan and Fields?

Just getting started with Rodan + Fields and have never used the products?  Watch our step-by-step video course to learn everything about the Rodan + Fields regimens.

Youtube Training

work from home selling rodan and fields

Why are you signing up?

Are you here to get great discounts or are you wanting to make money from home? Let me show you the best way to do it.

Get the Best Deals

How to sell successfully

There are so many different ways to sell Rodan + Fields.  I will give you some easy, practical ways to get started.  From quick, no time required tricks to in-depth strategies.  I will lay it out so you can start making money fast from home.

You will be invited to join my exclusive Facebook group where I share my everyday tips and tricks.

how to work from home selling rodan and fields

How can I learn?

  • Watch Youtube videos of Samantha using the regimens and explaining the best way to sell them.
  • Read step-by-step articles explaining every detail you need to know.
  • Access our list of steps to success that we use in every business we manage.
  • See real Before and After videos that are AMAZING.
  • Join our Exclusive Facebook Group where we collaborate and encourage each other.
rodan and fields consultant

Personal Reviews By Samantha

  • All Regimens Reviewed

    Samantha goes through each skincare product and gives a personal review. You can use these to learn the product and also to show your customers how great the product is! View all Reviews

  • Soothe Review

    First Time Use Review Video
    Recommended Regime Schedule
    Regime Kit Contents Rodan + Fields Soothe Review

  • Redefine Review

    Recommended Regime Schedule
    Regime Kit Contents

So how do I make money from home?

Know your Why

What is your reason for building your Rodan + Fields business? Your Why can help you stay focused on your goals when you face challenges. Identify steps towards achieving your goals by creating an effective Plan
of Action.

Learn the Regimens

Start on your path to the best skin of your life
and help others do the same. Become a prestige skincare advocate by reviewing Rodan + Fields product information and leveraging resources like RF Connection and the Solution Tool.

Inviting Language

Inviting potential Customers and Consultants
to learn more about Rodan + Fields is a critical business practice. Invite with con dence by practicing inviting language and learning best practices for discussing Rodan + Fields products and the business opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do I need?
Are there any hidden costs?
How much time will this take?
What if I want to quit after signing up?

About Samantha

I am so excited you are interested in selling this awesome skincare line! I have loved the results personally and have seen how awesome they work are on so many friends!

I am a wife, a daughter, and the mother of 2 beautiful girls. We have 2 kitties, 1 chicken, 1 turtle, 1 fish, 2 frogs and an ant farm. I am the owner of Jonathan Ivy Photography & Jonathan Ivy Productions, Inc. I enjoy art projects. I love a glass of red wine. Most of all I love my Jesus and the fact that He has grace upon me every day!

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