This post does contain affiliate links but is sponsored by 1Thrive. These are all my own thoughts, ideas, and comparisons. Thanks for reading about this 1Thrive Review & Best Wall Calendar System.

About 1Thrive

Wall Organizing Simplified. You say organized. They say thriving. It starts with one home and one wall. Their Thrive Centers bring organization, clarity, and harmony to your home with flexibility and style

  • Cost: there are 9 systems to choose from & they start at $119 for the complete system
  • Frequency: not a subscription
  • Coupon Code: PINK10 for 10% off
  • Do I Recommend: Yes! I have had this in my office a couple of months now & it has been amazing!

My 1Thrive Review & Experience

I am PICKY about what goes in my office. It is the 1 space in the house that is all mine. That stays 100% clean. And I *try* to keep only happy vibes in! That is what lead me to 1Thrive. My current calendar and organization system sucked. I mean, it not only was inefficient, but it was also ugly and I was ready to change it out. Those marker boards hanging on the wall almost were the bain of my existence.

Insert 1Thrive to the rescue! I ordered the Brooke system, decorated it for Summer, ordered some Add Ons from their shop, and then redecorated it for Fall! I LOVE IT!!!! It keeps my Mompreneur Life on track in a fashionable way! So I put quotes and motivations at the top of my board. Then This is where things get awesome…everything is 100% customizable! You can shuffle the pieces anywhere you want. You can see below, my Summer set up if different than my Fall set up (shown towards the bottom). After I used it a bit I knew exactly what I needed to add on. Hanging the system on the wall is not hard (watch the video at top) and I only put 2 of the 4 screws in, jus the 2 at the top. The system sticks about 1″ off the wall.

I have the following on my Best Wall Calendar System:

  • The Brooke Wall Organizer (they call them Centers)
  • Gold Cups Add On
  • File Folder Add On
  • Sky Duo Chalk Marker Add On

The photos at the bottom show of my Fall look! Have I mentioned HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS Wall Organization System! I have my eye on a couple more add ons that I'm saving up to add next month. I will post those on Instagram. My only Con to this entire system is the way it erases. You have to get a damp cloth to wipe then dry it. So it isn't something that comes with the system. And sometimes it annoys me to go get a cloth wet, HOWEVER, since this is chalk paint & not dry erase, you can bump the board without accidentally erasing something and I do appreciate that! #kids

xoxo Samantha

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