I'm here today to answer a few questions and to tell you How to get the best fix!  So let's get started!

The Pink Envelope's Top 5 Tips for Stitch Fix

  • Find your perfect stylist? I found my match!  My stylist Sarah is “the one” and I truly believe finding “the one” is key.  She went on vacation and I had 2 different stylist style me during that time and they were good, not great.  So don't be afraid to ask for a new stylist.  See my last AWESOME stitch fix
  • Be open to try something new!  They, in my opinion, have the best of the best in all categories: style, price, and “getting out of my rut of the same ol' things”. I have worn more new looks and have create new more new styles this last year than I ever have before!  See one of my FAVORITE stitch fix
  • Create a Pinterest board!  Make a PINTEREST BOARD and pin items with descriptive notes.  I have my ‘Whats in my Closet‘ board with outfits and pieces I currently own and I have ‘My Style Pinboard‘ which houses all the items I want and don’t want with notes. (do NOT leave the default text on your pins)


  • Be honest with your stylist!  Fill out your questionnaire VERY accurately!   I know we all wish we could change something but life is life and it's time to start loving YOU!  So if you have put on 10 lbs recently, go in and update your questionnaire.  If you are noticing that shorts gap in the back, make sure your stylist knows this.  Be honest!  She is your fashion BFF and the one who is responsible for you looking awesome, help her help you.  I promise you when I say, she wants you to fall in love!
  • Optimize your discounts!  You receive 5 items in each fix and if you keep everything they give you 25% off (which is amazing). So if you are in love with 3-4 of the items, run your numbers! It probably will be worth keeping the whole fix at 25% off and selling your additional item (or two) on the forums and Facebook boards. This way you keep your discount AND you might fulfill someone’s unicorn (a greatly desired item). See my CHEAPEST stitch fix

An Outfit from each of my Stitch Fix boxes:

How to get the best fix from Stitch Fix shown here. Click here –> to see past Stitch Fixes.

Have a question I didn't answer about how to get the best fix?  Have a question you want me to elaborate on?  Make sure to e-mail me at samantha@thepinkenvelope.com or comment below.  I will respond (and not name names) to each question on my newsletter so make sure you are signed up.

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