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How To Make a Eucalyptus and Pine Garland
How To Make a Eucalyptus and Pine Garland


How To Make a Eucalyptus and Pine Garland

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How To Make a Eucalyptus and Pine Garland

As the Holidays started approaching and I began to pull out my old Christmas garland I realized I was not a fan of the red and pinecone garland look anymore so I start brainstorming. I do most of this in my sleep, oddly enough, and I woke up with the greatest idea! Because all ideas we have in our sleep are awesome, I put it to the test before sharing it with yall and confirmed that it was indeed a great idea.

I took my outdated Christmas garland and refreshed it to make a Eucalyptus and Pine Garland to boast about. AND I was able to refresh my Christmas garland, all 9′ of it for UNDER $100. I am so excited with how it turned out and I want to share it with you. So here is how to make a Eucalyptus and Pine Garland cheap!

How to fix old Christmas Garland

This post does contain affiliate links but is not sponsored by anyone. When you purchase through my site we make a small but meaningful commission at no cost to you. We are always so thankful for those who purchase through our blog, social media & YouTube. Also, these are all my own thoughts, ideas, and comparisons. Thanks for reading my How To Make a Eucalyptus and Pine Garland.

Garland How-to

How to Make Eucalyptus and Pine Garland Cheaply

  1. Strip Down Your Old Christmas Garland

    First, gather up those old garlands from your attic, the local resale store, or from a garage sale and start removing all the outdated decorations. For me, this was removing the pinecones and red ribbon and bows. Set those aside, you never know when they might come in handy!old christmas garland

  2. Fluff Your Garland and Wipe it Down (if needed)

    Next, get your old Christmas garland cleaned up. Fluff out those branches and wipe it down with a damp washcloth so that you are starting with a fresh surface.old Christmas garland

  3. Buy Your Stems

    For me, it was important for the garland to look at real as possible so I went to Hobby Lobby and bought my stems there. You can buy stems from Amazon, Dollar Tree, and more. This part of the process is up to you. I chose to buy 3 different types of stems, 1 of them being expensive that I used sparingly and the other 2 cheaper ones that I used a lot.

  4. Tips to Buying Eucalyptus Stems and the like

    When you are buying stems make sure you buy them in the bunch. It is cheaper that way. Also, try not to buy them from the Wedding Aisle or the Christmas Aisle but rather go to the boring, everyday stem aisle and grab them there. They are usually cheaper. And feel free to buy a few types, 2 – 3 types of stems are good for this project. If you get too many, it gets too expensive and will look scattered. We aren't decorating for Whoville. Faux Eucalyptus stems bunch

  5. Supplies to Make a Eucalyptus and Pine Garland

    You will need wire cutters and floral wire. CLICK HERE to go to my Garland How To Supply List on Amazon to order these 2 things.DIY garland supplies

  6. Stems I Used in my Eucalyptus and Pine Garland

    I chose the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus as my expensive stem, item #113886 at $19.99 each. Then I used a greenery + berry stem, item #1392075 at $6.99 each. And I use real, dried eucalyptus to add scent and style, item# 652545 at $13.99 for a bunch. I used 4 of the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus bunches, 10 of the greenery + berry bunches and 1 of the dried eucalyptus bunches in my 9′ garland and I made my garland fairly thick. (See photos below)

  7. Start Building Your Eucalyptus and Pine Garland

    Cut 1 – 2 stems off each bunch to create your new bunch. Pick a side and tuck that bunch in and use your floral wire to attach them together. I just wrapped each bunch of 3 – 5 items very tightly to the garland base. Tip – do not cut the floral wire! Just let it run down the back of the garland. This will give you leverage to pull tight when wrapping and it will save you so much time. The floral wire I am using is a leftover from the DIY How to Make a Real Leaf Garland I shared last month. That $5 wire goes a very long way!how to wire stems

  8. Repeat this Swapping from Side to Side

    Lastly, don't be afraid to let some of those pieces stick out wildly. It will make your Eucalyptus and Pine Garland look fuller and real. Let some branches cross over the top. Make sure not to repeat your spacing but leave gaps, add some bunches more towards the top of the garland and other bunches more towards the bottom. Eucalyptus and Pine Garland

  9. And You are Done!

    It is really that simple, cheap and fast! Take your Eucalyptus and Pine Garland and drape it on your fireplace mantel. Or make it a table garland centerpiece. Or hang it around the frame of your doorway. The ideas are endless!How to refresh garland

Your Bijoux Box

Eucalyptus and Pine Garland Supplies

  • Old Garland to be refreshed
  • Preferred Stems
  • Wire Cutters
  • Green Floral Wire

Tips & Tricks to Creating a Eucalyptus and Pine Garland

  • Take your time! This is supposed to be fun ?
  • Gather all your supplies so you aren't chasing things.
  • Throw on some good music or invite a friend over.
  • Don't be stingy with the wire, it's super cheap. The stems being secure is more important!
  • This is a very easy & fast project so don't be afraid to do multiple garlands.

Final Image of my Pine and Eucalyptus Garland

How to Make a Real Leaf Fall Garland

If you love DIY and you love garlands then you have to check out my Real Leaf Fall Garland How-to. The garland can be created for Fall and converted to Winter and it is so cheap to make! Click Here or the button below.

xoxo Samantha

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