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How to Store Home Decor

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Today I'm Sharing How I Store My Home Decor!!

I am SO excited to walk you through the process of how I store my home decor! I know a lot of us who have been subscribing to home decor boxes for a couple of seasons are starting to have a storage issue. We have reached a point where it is crucial to move some items out while new items are coming in! Chatting with you guys in the comments and on my Facebook page I've had several of you say “show us how to store home decor”, so today we're going to address that! In the video, I go into my whole process and show you exactly how I store some of my tricker things, so definitely check it out!

A Few Resources I Mention in the Video:

Before getting fully into the “how-to” part, I want to mention that mindset makes a huge difference in the whole process! It is very important to me that I don't hold on to things that I don't need and don't love. Something I ask myself all the time is “Can this item bless someone, somewhere?” The answer is always yes! In that case, it would be a shame for me to hold onto something that I don't love and use when it could be out there blessing someone!

Can this item bless someone, somewhere? The answer is always yes!

Consider Your Spaces

Are you decorating your whole home or are you stuck in the living room? Have you used your items in all bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, mudroom, laundry room, patio, etc?

I often take items that have lived a good life indoors and move them to the patio to live their final days. Items that I love but know they need to cycle out because I've had them a long time. This way if they get messed up, I don't really care and it makes my outdoor space look so fancy!

Sort While Decorating or Un-decorating

While you decorate your home are there any leftover items that need to be thought about? The questions I ask myself are: Do I need this? Do I like this? And, can I give or sell it to someone who will love it more?

Sort while packing away decor. In the video example, I'm packing away summer. Take note of any items you find yourself not loving during this process! Maybe you're tucking them in a corner, or perhaps they are no longer your style. Ask yourself; do I need this? Do I like it?

Are you finding you have more decor than space to put it? This sounds like my heaven! What an amazing problem! But honestly, no one enjoys clutter. So now let's conquer it! Which items “spark joy” and which ones don't? Make a pile of your favorites and then ask yourself these questions about the rest. Which items match or coordinate well with the bulk of your decor? And which ones don't? Do you have something that's difficult to use or store?

So Now You Have a Pile. Now What?

You can:

  1. Donate it
  2. Gift it to someone
  3. Sell it! A few of the many places you could sell items are:
    • Facebook
    • A local resale store
    • 1st Dibs
    • 5 miles
    • Craigslist
    • eBay
    • Mercari
    • Offer Up
    • Garage Sale
    • Or set up a booth at a pop-up market (I'm only kinda kidding)
  4. Buy more Tupperware and shove it in storage?

The biggest thing here is to take immediate action! Letting that pile sit around is defeating the purpose of going through it! Don't let it clutter your space and your life; get it taken care of quickly.

How to Store Home Decor

And Those are my Tips on How to Store Home Decor!

It feels sooo good to head into a new season with fresh decor and feeling organized! If you have any brilliant organization tips or tricks, you know I'd love to hear them!

xoxo Samantha

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