After taking my crew to Aquatica in San Antonio, TX today I have a few Aquatica Hacks to share with you. Some of these are from my experience & others were shared with me from other veteran moms. Check out my How to Aquatica Texas Tips & Tricks for the Family here. See my SeaWorld hacks here. I have not been paid or hired to write this, I wrote this out of my love for Aquatica! Some of the links here are affiliate links & the commissions I make do not increase your price at all and help me pay for this blog! So thank you!

Here is where you will be in the know about Animal Ambassadors, Monthly Deals, Events and Giveaways! You can find this link in the bio of their IG page @aquaticasanantonio Example – this month has a Daily Deal for every day of the week. Our Deal Today – Regular Soda + Bag of Popcorn for only $5

We LOVE Aquatica! -my 2 girls

  • Eat before you arrive & snack while you are there OR plan to eat your packed lunch in the car (in the AC lol)

Drinks – to get the biggest bang for your buck buy the cup shown below. It is $14.99 with free refills that day and .99 cent refills every time you come back. You can buy the blue & green cups in the restaurants, they are very cute and have the same deal. But this cup is nicer, stays colder, doesn't leak & is still cute. You can refill at SeaWorld too!

Snacks – Do the same with the popcorn bucket. Buy it at $5.99 and use the cheap refills throughout the year at only $2.99. This was a great sized snack for my family of 4.

Meals – You can bring 1 small snack per person and 1 water per person but this time I brought a few more than that and they didn't take them from me. No straws though, they love and care for their animals well! They do bag checks just FYI.

What We Do for Food – Pack a lunch and leave it in the ice chest in the car. At lunch step out to the car (and the AC) and enjoy your packed lunch. They have benches out front you can eat at too. When you are done, re-enter the park.

How to Visit Aquatica Texas

  • Bags aren't allowed on or near rides.

Either plan to leave the bag in the car and carry a waterproof cell phone bag or plan to get a locker. Bags are not allowed on the rides and can't be left on the platform either. If you are brave, on non-busy days, you can leave them on the chairs with your towels. Lockers are $15 for a small, $30 for a medium & I forgot the large rate. Basically, not cheap.

What We Do – We bring these bags and put our phones, car key, and hand sanitizer inside. We bring 2 towels that we store on a chair with our shoes.

  • What to Wear if your Attending Aquatica & Sea World.

If you want to learn about SeaWorld click here. We wear our swimsuits with a shirt & shorts on top. I put a pair of undies in the car for each of us. We start at Sea World, wrap up things up with swimming/ splash pads their then we head to Aquatica. After we are done, we change in the car in the parking lot then drive home.

  • Get the Cashless Wrist Band – Aquatica Quick Pay

You wear it on your wrist and it is attached to your credit card which is very nice BUT if you want your Member Pass discounts you do have to have your pass too but if you buy the waterproof bag above, you are set.

Aquatica Hacks

  • Adhere to Height Restrictions for Rides

Stingray Falls is SUPER fun and you can take the whole family on it and you ride under the stingray tank and can see all the fish. It is SUPER cool! But the Walhalla Wave however requires upper body strength, while there I busted my nose, my daughter almost flew out and another girl fell through the tube. It is way fun but good to know it isn't chill LOL.

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