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How to Visit Sea World Texas and SCORE! Sea World Hacks
How to Visit Sea World Texas and SCORE! Sea World Hacks


How to Visit Sea World Texas and SCORE! Sea World Hacks

After taking my crew to Sea World in San Antonio, TX today I have a few Sea World Hacks to share with you. Some of these are from my experience & others were shared with me my veteran moms. Check out my SeaWorld Texas Tips & Tricks for the Family. Click here for Aquatica tips. I have not been paid or hired to write this, I wrote this out of my love for SeaWorld! Some of the links here are affiliate links & the commissions I make do not increase your price at all and help me pay for this blog! So thank you!

  • First thing is check the SeaWorld Blog

Here is where you will be in the know about Animal Ambassadors, Monthly Deals, Events and Giveaways! You can find this link in the bio of their IG page @seaworldsanantonio Example – this month has a Daily Deal for every day of the week. Our Deal Today – $5 Hotdog Combo

  • Eat before you arrive & snack while you are there OR plan to eat your packed lunch out front of Sea World

Drinks – to get the biggest bang for your buck buy the cup shown here. It is $14.99 with free refills that day and .99 cent refills every time you come back. Don't buy the blue & green cups in the restaurants, this cup is nicer, stays cold, doesn't leak & is still cute.

Snacks – do the same as the above with the popcorn bucket. Buy at $5.99 & reuse when you come back at $2.99. Perfect size snack for my family of 4!

Sea World Tips for the Family

Meals – you can bring 1 small snack per person and 1 water per person but don't bring lunch. They do pretty thorough bag checks. You can pack a lunch & leave it in the ice chest in the car. At lunch step out front of the entrance of Sea World & enjoy your packed lunch in your car (in he AC) or on their benches out front. When you are done, re-enter the park. They also have very fairly priced, healthy food options inside too! We enjoy the grilled chicken sandwich with fries from the Harbor Market – $12.99

  • Bags aren't allowed on or near rides.

Either plan to leave the bag in the car and carry a fanny pack or plan to get a locker. Bags are not allowed on the rides and can't be left on the platform either. Lockers are $2 an hour or $6 a day. We do the fanny pack when going to Sea World.

  • Wear a hat & great walking shoes.

My kids wear their swimsuits with a shirt & shorts on top. I put a pair of undies in my fanny pack for each of them. We run around & play all day, wrapping things up with swimming/ splash pads. We then drip dry walk around for a bit before changing into the packed undies and same clothes.

Other Great Sea World Tips

  • If it is windy, the roller coasters do shut down. Check the weather and their Instagram for updates!
  • The SeaStar theater is small & does reach capacity quickly, for shows in that theater arrive early!
  • Bring Hand Sanitizer!
  • Cute & fancy hats will not hold up well. Stick with hats with straps that you can easily take off and on.
  • You can bring your own strollers & wagons on site.
  • If already at SeaWorld, you might as well hit up Aquatica too! Click for my Aquatics Tips and how to go cheaply.
SeaWorld Texas Tips & Tricks for the Family

Andddddd if you did everything right. Your kids should look like this when you leave.

This is a Family How to Go to Sea World list filled with our Sea World Hacks. It will be improved upon with each trip we make and each tip we receive. Please share this with family & friends so that they can have the best experience ever while visiting Sea World San Antonio TX.

See More About What is Happening in San Antonio, TX here:

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