I am so excited to share my tricks and tips on How to Wash Your Hair Curly Girl Method!  I've been doing CGM for a little over a year and during this time I found my perfect products and routine.  I wash every Monday…crazy I know. Routine and consistency is where it's at. I am a 2C/3A curl!

How I Wash My Hair using CGM

How To Curly Hair: I gather my products first.  To see what I use keep reading and click here to order on Amazon.  I grab my washing products, comb, brush and microfiber towel so they are handy.  I hop in and get my hair wet with warm water like normal people.  


How to Wash Your Hair Curly Girl Method

  • 1st I shampoo my hair.  I have a TON of very long hair so scrubbing my scalp and roots is a must.  So I use only cheap CGM approved shampoos and I focus on only my scalp and roots trying not to separate the curls.  I rinse like normal.
  • 2nd I snag my DevaCurl Zero Lather Conditioning Cleanser and I put it in my hair and on my scalp standing up right, once it is distributed I flip my hair upside (with my face looking at my knees) and repeat.  I squish to condish then grab my wide tooth comb and comb out all the tangles.  Next I brush my hair out with my Denman brush to create clumps. This is where my special drain and the trash can comes in handy LOL.  Hair will be everywhere so I clean it up as I go.  Once all tangles are out, I rinse lightly using praying hands and the shower head lightly.  Some of the cleanser will still be in my hair when I end this step.
  • 3rd I grab my DevaCurl One Condition Hair Conditioner and I put the conditioner in being very generous and putting it everywhere except my scalp, I lightly condition it to avoid greasy roots. I try to stay hanging upside down as much as possible from this point on.  I rinse by placing water in my hands and rinse with praying hands, I do not rinse with the shower head.  My goal is not to rinse all the conditioner out, just the excess. 
  • Lastly I grab my DevaCurl towel and while still hanging upside (or side to side) scrunch and lightly squeeze the excess water out.  I only want to remove the excess, not dry my hair in the How to Wash Your Hair Curly Girl Method.

Terms to Know:

  • Squish to condish is when you squish your conditioner into your hair.  Using both hands while hanging upside down, from the bottom up towards your scalp your hand scrunch product in.  
  • Praying Hands – you will hear this most when rinsing your product out.  While hanging upside down cup your hands (that look like they are praying but they are open like a bowl and fill them with water from the faucet.  Take that water and softly squish it into your hair or place your hair into the water in your hand to rinse.  Do not rinse your hair traditionally as it will straighten your hair and remove all your beautiful curl clumps.  

Tips & Tricks:

  • The goal is to start making curl clumps. So everything you do is about scrunching your hair and not breaking the curls you are making.
  • You will hang upside down and side to side a lot while washing.
  • Washing at first takes a while, but once you catch your flow it is fast and you do it less often.
  • Avoid glycerin if you live in humid areas, glycerin will absorb the moisture in the air and make your hair yuck quick.
  • Heat or Not to Heat, this is the question. I use light heat when diffusing and warm water when washing. I just can't give it up!
  • Non negotiables IMO, you must avoid Sulfates – namely sodium lauryl sulfate & ammonium laureth sulfate, Non-water soluble silicones, Alcohol and Fragrance.
  • Thank you for reading my How to Wash Your Hair Curly Girl Method

If you want the Bible on the Curly Girl Method click the button below. There is a wealth of info.

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