About Ipsy Glam Bag

With infinite beauty product combinations in the marketplace, choosing the best items for your needs can be a challenge! That was why Michelle created ipsy. Michelle and her team of stylists have selected products they love, for you to try. Each month, subscribers will receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Members can watch and play along with the stylists with the same products that they are using.

Price: $10

Frequency: Monthly

Recommend: YES

Ipsy Review

So a few of you might remember me posting that my last Ipsy Glam bag was my very last one but alas here I am posting another one.  Yes I canceled my subscription and they still sent another one.  So I reached out to customer service and they said to just return it unopened to them and they would credit me and that they now really officially closed my account.  

Well come on, it's Ipsy and only $10 so I’m not sending it back.  So here you go, what I think really is my last Ipsy Glam Bag Review. Another very cute bag with lot of fun goodies!

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