Your Bijoux Box

*Updated August 2018*

About Your Bijoux Box

Receive 3 pieces of hand curated jewelry at your doorstep each month. Instantly update your wardrobe and add sparkle to your look with new jewels.

Cost: $39.99

Frequency: Monthly

Your Bijoux Box Review

I did not know what to expect when I opened this Jewelry Subscription Box but I have to say, I love it!  The necklace is gorgeous, the X and O earrings are too cute and even the little red and gold earrings are nice.  The red and gold earrings are clearly cheap but if wearing with a t-shirt and jeans would make a great addition to cute meets casual. The watch isn’t my style but it is cute.  All in all I say YES to this box!  Very much worth the value!  This subscription includes a monthly box delivery of 3 pieces of fabulous jewelry
plus fun
bonus—all inspired by the latest trends.

I still have so many of these pieces.  Some fell apart, as expected with more trendy, cheaper pieces that get worn a lot.  But a lot of the pieces still look great.  Nearly 2 years down the road I still highly recommend this Jewelry Subscription.

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