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My Julep Experience

So I have tried out the Julep Maven Beauty Box 3 times now, I'm about to get my 4th box that I just finished customizing based on my needs and wants.  I am impressed!  Most beauty boxes do not win me over easily but I have to say, this one does a great job!  I have only put their fingernail polishes into an in-depth testing and they passed with flying colors.

So, if you haven't already, click the link below and sign up!  They will send your 1st box complimentary so that you can check out the product 1st, then you start paying and customizing on your 2nd box.  The 20th of each month the customization and add on link opens.  Its a great system that is very user friendly.  Then, it all ships to your home, its awesome!  Julep Maven Beauty Box #3

3 Days later after working in the yard and doing dishes on real nails 

Julep Maven Beauty Box

Colors I am crushing on right now:

Julep Maven Beauty Box #3

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