Here are the keys to successful subscribing:

  1. Never subscribe to something without getting a referral link 1st. You get a discount and your friends gets a bonus. Follow my blog to get links & discounts!
  2. Subscribe with a discount so you can try it out first for practically free (see point above on how).
  3. When you get it, immediately try it out!  If you like it, go & give it a great review.  And if you don't like it go cancel your subscription.

    keys to successful subscribingKeys to Successful Subscribing

  4. If you are unsure on your feelings, go online & see if there is a taste profile you can fill out to ensure you get things you really like then try it again.
  5. Do not be afraid to try out several different subscriptions.  It can be so much fun & a time saver.

Not sure what a subscription box is?  Not sure is subscription boxes are for you?  Take some time to go through my blog and see what is out there.  There is a subscription box that can be helpful for everyone!  Want to see my favorite subscription boxes?  Go check out VitaFive, YogaClub and Graze.  These are just a few of the ones I LOVE!

Thank you for reading keys to successful subscribing!

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