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KidPik Clothing Review – Overview & Update

*Updated July 2018*

About KidPik

The ultimate fashion box for girls (Sizes 4-14), delivering head to toe outfits, hand-picked to fit your girl’s unique look & tailored to your budget.

Cost: $0 up front cost & average $13.50 + they offer a 30% keep all discount

Frequency: Quarterly, Twice a Season or Monthly

Audience: Girl's ages 3 – 16 or sizes 4 – 16

What's Included: Each pik contains a custom-styled collection of 7 outfits: tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes and accessories.

KidPik Unboxing Video

KidPik Clothing Review

This kid's clothing subscription box for girls is just so cute but IMO keeps missing the mark by just a bit. NOW I did notice they have made a lot of changes to their FAQs and website since I have tried them so perhaps, they have already addressed some of the things I addressed in my Sound Off Video above.  And from what you will read below.

Here are Some Deets:  There are no subscription commitments, no styling fee, and no shipping fees.  There are no return fees to send items back and they give you 7 days to pick the items you want to keep or return.  Once you pick your items you log in to your account to complete the checkout.  If you don’t remember to check out, they will charge your credit card for everything. They will automatically include the 30% discount you receive every time you keep a whole box.

We have received 4 Boxes: Clothing Box 1, Kids Clothing Box 2 and Girls Clothing Box 3 all seen here if you want to check them out.  From our 4th box, I kept just 1 item we like (a pair of shorts) we sent the rest back. After the 2nd box, we quit, waited several months, and tried again.  After boxes 3 & 4 we quit all together.  Now I am back to share details on the 4 boxes, how the clothes held up and what I have seen them doing next.  Let's just say, we have less than 20% of the clothing still today 🙁

KidPik Clothing Review & Photos

Now I must admit, the sequin-covered shorts have been such a HUGE success. It *almost* made it all worth it.  We love those shorts!  Everyone who sees those shorts love them!  AND child 1 wore them and they held up so good child 2 is now wearing them!!!  So this KidPik Clothing Review makes me feel torn LOL.

So, from experience I have to say, I do not recommend this subscription box. BUT from what I can see on their website it looks like they have made some changes.  Not sure if I want to try again or not?!  If you want to try them there literally is no cost and no risk, just click here and complete the questionnaire.

xoxo Samantha

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