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The ultimate fashion box for girls (Sizes 4-14), delivering head to toe outfits, hand-picked to fit your girl’s unique look & tailored to your budget.

KidPik Review

KidPik Review

This kids's fashion subscription box for girls is just so cute!  They do such a great job!  The kid’s version of Stitch Fix.  There are no subscription commitments, no styling fee, and no shipping fees.  The girl in your life will be sent a box up to 8 times per year at no cost, and you’ll only be charged once you picked the items you want to keep.  We have opted for the 4 times (each season) subscription.  There are no return fees to send items back and they give you 7 days to pick the items you want to keep or return.  Once you pick your items you login into your account to complete the checkout.  If you don’t remember to check out, they will charge your credit card for everything and they will automatically include the 30% off discount you receive every time you keep a whole box.  This is our 2nd box and we got a 4t-5t box for my almost 5 year old and everything fit great and she LOVED a few of the pieces, you will see a pair of rainbow shorts in the mix that hung her moon!  Mom is very pleased with everything as well.  We received 7 items for $74.55 which I think is an awesome price point.  Check them out here:

As a mom that 1st blue dress – the LACE PEPLUM DRESS in Colbalt Blue is FABULOUS!  The back of the dress with the cut out is just too cute.  Then the above mentioned rainbow shorts – SEQUIN SHORT in Mermaid Wash are Emma's top pick.  The one thing that will probably not get used but will be turned into some kind of toy is the bracelet – RHINESTONE WRAP BRACELET.  Although cute, my kids don't wear jewelry and its a little big for my 5 year old.

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