About Lady Boss Loot

Lady Boss Loot is not just another subscription box with stuff in it every month. It’s a lifestyle. It is a community and a learning experience. Female entrepreneurs are different – we have a different mindset. We are go-getters who love collaborating and learning new things, so the goal of Lady Boss Loot is to bring like-minded women together to enhance the way we work best.

Each month, you will receive specially curated products related to a particular theme, and courses and blog articles designed to help you put some of those things into action. Financial order, self-help, finding your purpose, etc. Each box is designed to help you focus on a new aspect of your business and your life.

My Lady Boss Loot Experience

This is my very 1st Lady Boss Loot subscription box and it came with  11 items for $45.  This is the June 2017 box with the theme Money Matters.  To start with I have to say, I can't wait to read Rich Bitch.  I have heard it is good and really need to look into this side of my business more.  Next, the caramels, now that photos have been taken I will dive into those first.  They look delicious!  For the budget journal, I am such an online person I doubt I will ever use that piece so I may be sharing that in an upcoming giveaway.  I LOVE the color of the vegan leather wallet.  So beautiful.  The zipper is smooth and the quality great.  All the contents are unique and match the box's theme well.

If you are a woman in business or if you like fair trade products or if you like supporting women in business this is a subscription box you need to check out.  They offer not only the boxes but online courses to keep you up to date.  I love that they have an education program backing their goodies.  Brilliant!  See what I received below:

Cost: $45 a month

Coupon Code: PINKENVELOPE to get 10% off a subscription

Frequency: every month

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