Yall I am soooo excited to share with you all our Pantry / MUD /Laundry Room Makeover!!!  If you have not seen the before photos then click here.  We bought this San Antonio Fixer Upper because it is in a great neighborhood, in the exact part of town we wanted to be in, with great bones.  What it doesn't have is optimal use of space or any design to it.  Both things we know we can fix.  So, we started on the right side of the house, the area walked through and used the most, and plan to just move right on across the home pretty much changing everything on the 1st floor.  Yikes, I know!  We are excited though.

From Hot Water Heater Storage to a Pantry:

First, we took what was the laundry / hot water heater storage / garage entry room and turned into our Pantry and Mud and Laundry room. It is also the entrance from the garage to the home and the exit to the backyard where the outdoor kitchen will be (yes you read that right, more coming on this soon).  I love the charm of the 1960's homes but those mommas cooked everything fresh, they didn't have pantries.  That doesn't work for me.  So a pantry was installed in the space the hot water heater use to be, along with an adorable baking area just to the left to house all those large appliances.  Take a look at my fully custom pantry and baking area.

Laundry Room Makeover

Next we needed a space for the kid's to come in and drop everything.  So rather than take down the whole wall to expand the space I took down 1/2 the wall.  This saved us big $$$ because we didn't have to relocate any piping for the washer plus it provided a wall to create a mini mud room on.  This is one of the spaces I am most thankful for and one of the spaces that every time I explained it, got me funny looks.  LOL!  Check it out here.

The Family Hub: How to Create a Family Calendar Wall

I also wanted a designate home base and homework area so behind the door that leads into the house and across from the baking and pantry area I created this space.  Baskets for homework, books and current projects then just above it our marker and pin board combo hangs complete with calendar.  This piece is from PB Teen and it is amazing. Hobby Lobby has some too.  I highly recommend creating a command center like this if you have kiddos.  I highly recommend this board too!

Laundry Room Remodel: How to remodel your Laundry Room

Then lastly the laundry room.  This was a MUCH needed space.  We have a small home and 4+ bodies at any time creating laundry.  I needed a space to store, organize, wash and clean in and THIS IS MY DREAM SPACE!  Now I have TONS of storage which is amazing (thank you The Home Depot).  I have a great dirty laundry organization system.  And I have all the space I need to stain treat, iron and hang dry delicates.  I am very thankful for this spot.

3 in 1 Space in Your Home: How to Create Multi Purpose Spaces Throughout Your Home

So all of the layout and designing of the construction was Jonathan and I.  I dreamed up, mapped out & drove everyone crazy implementing this design. The actual implementation of the construction and manual labor is done bu my hubby Jonathan, with me assisting.  And the decoration and comfiness of the space is Kaitlyn with Farmhouse Market store and interior design.  

Yall, Jonathan & I had no problems constructing these spaces but when it came time to personalize them and make them cute we literally just stopped LOL.  Hiring Kaitlyn is the best decision we have made through this entire process!  She completed our vision and we couldn't be more excited.  She has a brick and mortar shop in North San Antonio but she also has everything online.  So you can shop decor online or like I do, shop on her Instagram.  Her IG has more to choose from because they can live share as they get it in which is awesome.  But when you hire Kaitlyn she shops everywhere.  She sourced items from The Home Depot, Wayfair, Homegood, Amazon and more.  Plus you get a discount on anything you do buy from her actual shop (which has ALL THE CUTE THINGS).

Side by side Before and After Photos of these 3 rooms HERE if you want to freak out along with me.

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