Gnome Lawn Care Review

Hey Yall, I wanted to show off Gnome Lawn Care because they offer an All Organic, All Natural Lawn Care option. They also have 1-time shipping for those who don’t want to track multiple shipments yearly. Loving this Lawn Care Subscription – Gnome Lawn Care Review! Happy Gardening my Friends!

Gnome Lawn Care

– Frequency: Monthly (products each month) or Annual *Most Popular* (they send everything you need for the year)
– Price: starting at $99 for an entire yard, mine came to $149 for the year
– Shipping: Free in the US
– Gnome Lawn Care Coupon: THEPINKENVELOPE15 to get 15% off
– Sign Up Here:

I’m showing you a Sampling of the Best Products they sent today.

Items I’m showing today in my Gnome Lawn Care Review:

Green Glow is a Nitrogen Fertilizer that ensures that the color of your grass reaches its greenest potential – Green Glow sustains feeding for 2-4 months after you apply it.
Liquid Lush is a fully organic solution focused on water retention and drought tolerance, allowing your lawn to stay conditioned rather than yellow and brittle – Liquid Lush lets your lawn have as much water retention as possible.
Mosquito Defense is our all-natural pest-control spray that is an all-in-one solution for fleas, ticks, ants, mites, and mosquitos. Summer is approaching, so pest defense is increasingly important!
Soil Test Kit – a full spectrum laboratory analysis of your soil’s health.

Gnome Lawn Care Review

About Gnome Lawn Care:

– Organic and non-organic plans are available
– They have multiple plans available
– Annual plans – all product is shipped at once & instructions are included for when to apply each pouch of fertilizer.
– Monthly plans – put down one pouch each month as each product will do something different for your lawns (soil health, grass color, root health, growth, etc…)
– 100-day money-back guarantee
– 100% premium, all-natural ingredients
– Great refer-a-friend program
– 1% for the Plant Member – Gnome gives back 1% of their revenue

Gnome is an easy-to-use, natural lawn care program. You will visit their website and take a short quiz to build your custom lawn plan. Once ordered, you will receive annual shipments with everything you need for the year to grow a lush, green lawn. We also offer free soil testing by mail so homeowners can send us a scoop of soil to customize their lawns’ unique nutrient needs. Gnome lawn plans include premium natural and organic fertilizer, soil amendments, weed control, and pest control.

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