About Le Petit Matisse

Offering natural non-toxic art supplies, natural interior paints, open studio, birthday parties, unique summer camps and day classes.  You can order everything you need to create an all natural art projects from their website.

Le Petit Matisse Review

Here's my Le Petit Matisse review: I LOVE the concept of an all-natural art box for kiddos!  I do not care for the packing materials.  The shredded newspaper was beyond messy and coated everything with dust, however props for recycling. Ok, not I would  ever encourage your or your kids to eat your craft materials but, if you have kids, you know that sometimes is just a part of it, well with these craft supplies you don't have to worry.  They are plant based and non-toxic art supplies!  They have crayons, play dough, food coloring, paint paint brushes and more.  So it's Summer, you trying to fill these last few days with fun before school starts back.  Why not go snag an art project? (COUPON CODE BELOW)  Your purchase will help supply art supplies to a local Foster Home Le Petit Matisse teams with.  Also know that their box is completely usable which means no waste!  Beginning with the exterior that kids can color, on to the interior that you can use the cardboard with the free template for more projects!  I think this is brilliant, teaching kids to be resourceful and creative.  I'm going to take all these to my kiddos and we are going to get our craft on!  More details on the use of the supplies and photos of the finished products to come!!!


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