About Leggings of the Month Club

May 2020 – CLOSED

When you join the club, every month is like Christmas!! Get a surprise pair of leggings, capris or shorts at your door every month!

Leggings of the Month Club Review

So I am a late adopter when it comes to the legging trend but I do have to say, it's growing on me.  They are so comfy and my hubby quite enjoys them!  A friend gave me a pair and I fell in love (thank you Skye) and as I was trying to discover where to get my next pair voila, Leggings of the Month Club appeared.  How perfect!  They are comfy and cute, this is a brilliant subscription.

For $29.99 you get a new pair of leggings or capris sent to your door every month and at $24.99 you can get shorts.  I have washed and worn these for a month now and my finals – I LOVE THEM!!!!  We recommend this awesome legging subscription.

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