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About The Lingerie Box

Monthly Lingerie Box Delivered to Your Door! They specialize in beautiful, elegant, flirty, and fun. Lingerie that is high quality but with a reasonable price. They offer lingerie that you can’t find at your local mall – they only offer small designer, imported brands, and we offer them for women in every shape and size.

Cost: $49.95

Frequency: Monthly

Coupon Code: 50% off if you click on the button on this post & sign up now

Recommend: YES!

Box #1

In my 1st box with Lingerie Box I received a beautiful deep blue, lace panty and bra set that I am very impressed with. It is a very structured bra with great support.  The quality is great and it is very pretty. See that post here!

Box #2

In my 2nd LingerieBox I received a light blue pantie and bra set, completely different in style, more loose and natural that I also love.  Both are sexy, functional and great quality. See that post here!

Photos of my 1st and 2nd LingerieBox sets

My LingerieBox Experience – Box #3

I am so happy LingerieBox is in my life.  Box #3 is amazing!!!  I feel like the lingerie subscription market is very small (but size doesn't matter right *wink* which is crazy because lingerie sets are so fun!  Well, you are in luck because they BEST lingerie items are now available monthly, to your door, cheaper than you can find in stores! In my 3rd box, I received something completely different, a sleep, shorts romper with cute panties to go under, also in blue.  Ha, just noticing I received 3 blue items in a row, well I happen to love blue and look great in it so thumbs up.  To see the super soft and cute romper see my photos below.

Another perk, individually this set would have cost me $68 if I were to buy it from their online store or a place like Victoria's Secret BUT with the Monthly Subscription it was only $49.95 so a HUGE SAVINGS!

Lingerie Subscription Box – Box #4

Well they did it again. Look at how cute this lingerie set is. I love the colors (they totally match The Pink Envelope brand colors LOL) and these colors look great on me! The bra on this one fits just a tad too big so I am going to do my very 1st exchange with Lingerie Box so I will loop back on how that goes. So far, I have submitted the initial notification letting them know & they have been great. Yall THIS IS AN EXCELLENT VALENTINE'S GIFT! Like really! Lingerie but she's still in control & gets to be a part of things. Click here to buy a 1 time gift or sign her up for a subscription (which is a gift that keeps on giving). It will be so much fun for you both!

So how to sign up?

Go to their site, click Join Our Club Now, complete the questionnaire, sign up for your account and done.  It's very quick and easy and they take care of everything from there.  So on my questionnaire I told them I am typically a size small panty and a 32DD bra.  In my 1st box the brands they decided to send me are from Europe so they automatically re-sized me to match European sizing and sent me the 32E in the bra and a size medium in panties and they fit perfect.  How nice is that!  I wouldn't have known to do that on my own.

They also have a VIP group that gives you even more perks like 10% off when shopping in their store and more, so take a look at that.  On their site you can see more but they do offer items like sleepwear, robes, slips and more!

Other Perks

  • All quality designer products from Europe, USA, Canada and South America
  • Guaranteed minimum retail value of $100
  • They do offer returns and exchanges
  • You can skip months and cancel at any time

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