LiveGlam Morphe Brushes

About LiveGlam

LiveGlam is like your makeup bestie. We’re bringing you a monthly dose of glam every month! Whether you wanna brush up your kit or find your new favorite liquid lipstick – we’ve got ya covered! LiveGlam is the new way to discover and indulge in the type of beauty products you really love.

To brush up your makeup kit, check out our world’s first monthly makeup brush club, LiveGlam MorpheMe. You’ll be getting powder, contour, foundation, liner, and/or eyeshadow brushes shipped to you each month along with access to monthly how-to videos and an extensive brush breakdown.

Cost: $19.99

Frequency: Monthly (but you can skip when needed)

My LiveGlam Unboxing Experience

LiveGlam Beauty Subscription Bag – So at first, I really didn't think much of the LiveGlam deal.  The package arrived, it sat by my desk for months, I finally decided to peek inside and see if I was even interested in what they sent when I found these 3 cute little lipsticks sitting there.  I was instantly intrigued.  It wasn't the same ol cheap stuff, these looked chic in presentation and the colors were beautiful.  So I hoped on their site to read more and fell in love.  Way to go LiveGlam!

I received the Liquid Lipstick set which is 3 lipsticks for $19.99.  I received the Hottie Tottie (which is what I put on during the live unboxing above), Cosmo and Champagne Kisses.  But they also have a MakeUp brushes set and a Nail polishes set that I am very interested in checking out, both of those are only $19.99.  They also have it set up where you can Trade items, you can skip a month if you need to and you can earn points.  Go check out their site, link is above and it's very user friendly.

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