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From LustBox – LustBox ship simultaneously as subscription orders, see countdown on next page. Need a gift right away? Don’t worry, you’ll receive a downloadable voucher to give as a gift. After that we handle the rest! Our door is always open, join and leave as you like. We create a box filled with 4 full-size items. Receive your personal gift!

LustBox Review

My Lust Box Review:

I have to admit I have reviewed ALOT of mens accessories subscription boxes in the past 5 months.  It's nice to have options but goodness there are a lot of men's sub box featuring these exact same products.  This being said, LustBox uses very high quality products and in this box I received the more gorgeous lapel pin yet!  We also received a beautiful floral tie (that I really Love) and a gray & gold men's bracelet.  Last thing to mention is the exchange rate, it makes the price a bit high. All in all I am not a personal fan of this mens subscription box but it isn't bad.  Good quality, high price! I received 4 items for $40.

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