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About Luxy Charms

What is a LuxyBox?  LuxyBox is a unique product that includes what you love most about subscription boxes, like amazing pricing, and free shipping. The LuxyBox also eliminates what you don’t love like memberships, keeping your credit card on file, and difficult cancellation policies. The LuxyBox is all about choice, and that’s why we want you to choose what to include in your personal collection. Choose the size, and or color that is perfect for you. Mix and match your jewelry however you like, it can be 2 rings+1 necklace, 3 bracelets, or 1 earring+2 necklaces, or any other combination that makes you happy We add beautiful new items frequently, so there are always new pretties to add to your collection.

Luxy Charms Review

Ok I have to say I am very impressed with this jewelry and accessories subscription box…or should I say non-subscription box.  The luxury of Luxy Charms is that its a subscription that does not auto renew, you order when you are ready and you get to keep all the perks of unique pieces curated for you with a discount!  I got 6 pieces for $79.98 (every 3 pieces are $39.99) making each items only $13.33…isn’t that awesome!  I also got to choose what items I wanted from that month's section (which as different from last month's).

COUPON – Samantha for 20% off

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