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*Updated July 2020*

About Bombfell

An easier way to get better clothes for Men.

  • Cost: $20 style fee which credits towards your purchase, free shipping + free returns – Average Price Per Item is $79 and they do offer discounts the more you buy
  • Frequency: You choose: monthly, bi-monthly, etc  They are not pushy and are very flexible.  You can Pause.
  • Coupon Code:
    • Keep 2 items, get 10% off
    • Keep 3 items, get 15% off
    • And Keep 4+ items, get 20% off

My Bombfell Experience

Nov 2015 Review – So today we got our very first Men's Clothing Subscription – Bombfell and both my husband and I loved the box.  We chose to receive 5 items and we liked 4 of the 5 and kept 2 of the 5 due to fit issues on the other 2 items we liked (they were a little big).  Quality clothing that you would find at Nordstrom's with good prices plus the perk of the stylist. We definitely will be ordering another box since the ordering and check out process was easy.  Here is the unboxing and our Bombfell Review and here is my hubby in the 2 items we kept.

UPDATE July 2020 – You Guys! Jonathan is still wearing both this shirt and these pants. Yes, it has been 5 years. Yes, they are a bit worn looking but I have to say, still in pretty awesome shape considering. And yes, he still loves them. A great testament to the quality of clothes!

Men's Clothing Subscription - Bombfell
The Bombfell Original Penguin Short Sleeve Button Down
Men's Clothing Subscription - Bombfell
The full Bombfell outfit – The shirt & the pants
Men's Clothing Subscription - Bombfell
The Ben Sherman Ankle Skinny Red Pant from Bombfell

All in all, I say this is a Yes!  I recommend it!  Make sure to fill out your style profile in detail so that they can pick what is best for you.  We passed on notes about our fit issues this time around so his stylist Anna Lise can make the next box even better.  We are signed up for every other month subscription but you can do Every Month, Every Other Month, or Every 2nd Month. And we also chose to receive 5 items but you can choose anywhere from 1-5 items each time.

xoxo Samantha

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